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Lease Contract

Premier Real Estate Services LLC – 320-229-1919

Mailing Address:550 25th Ave N

St Cloud MN 56303


(Please make all checks payable to: ________________________________________)

This lease entered into this _______day of ___________, _______ by and between Premier Real Estate Services, hereinafter designated LESSOR, and_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter designated LESSEE. Lessee agrees to rent the premises at _________________________________________ Apt. #_______, Room #______, including the furnishings and appliances therein,

Commencing _____________, _______ and continuing through _____________, _______for a term of ______months and for the sum of $___________per month + a monthly parking fee of $___________/month, totaling $________ /month.

The total obligation for the term of this lease is $____________.


Security Deposit- Total security/damage deposit is $____________. The security/damage deposit set forth above shall secure the performance of resident’s obligations. Lessor may, but shall not be obligated, all or portions of said deposit on account of residents obligations. Any balance remaining upon expiration shall be returned to lessee. Minnesota Statutes 504.20 subdivision 7a provides that no tenant may withhold any portion of last month’s rental payment on the grounds that the security deposit should pay the rent. The owner may bring a legal action against lessee for withholding rental payment.
One (1) Time C.A.M. (Common Area Maintenance) fee is $________. This will be deducted from security deposit upon vacating the property.
Payment of Rent- Rent is due on, or before, the 3rd day of each month. Rent paid after the 3rd day will encounter a late fee of $30. Rent paid after the 15th day will encounter a late fee of $50, and a $30-per check charge will be assessed for all bad checks.
First and last month’s rent (is / is not) due upon move-in.

Utilities- Lessee/Tenant shall be responsible for the following utilities; heat_____, hot water_____, electric_______,
rubbish removal_______, water/sewer_______, basic cable_______.

Default of Rent- In the event of default by one signatory, each remaining signatory shall be responsible for timely payment of rent and fulfillment of lease. Each signatory is jointly and severally liable for full payment of rent and in the event lessee is forwarded to collections, due to nonpayment of rent, lessee agrees to pay balance of lease in full. Any unpaid rents that exceed 30 days past due will be charged 1% per month on the remaining balance until paid in full.
Furnishings and Appliances- A stove and refrigerator will be furnished. There may be other furnishing in the house/apartment/room that the lessee will be responsible for; and inventory is on file. Most apartments/rooms have shades, blinds or curtains; however, lessor will not be obligated to furnish these items if not present. For your convenience a coin operated washer and dryer may be on the premises. However, management makes no guarantee that washer and dryer will be operable at all times.
Decks/Patios- Tenants may not be on any porches or decks past 10:00 PM. A $100 fine may apply to tenants who are noncompliant. Waterbeds and aquariums over 25 gallons are forbidden. Written permission may be obtained with proof of a waterbed insurance policy naming lessor as insured.
Lockouts- If you are locked out of the house, apartment, or room, please call lessor and he will unlock it for you. However, a $25 charge will be assessed during office hours and a $50 charge for after hours calls.

Parties- Any event involving guests must be prudent and with respect to the right of other tenants and neighbors. It is understood
by lessee that the premises is rented for dwelling purposes only and is not to be used for parties.

“SIZE OF GATHERING” – If lessor, or his assigns suspects a party, immediate entry must be granted regardless of time. You will be in violation of this contract when ____ or more individuals are in, or near the rented dwelling unit at any one time.

This violation is considered a material breech of contract and is grounds for immediate termination of this lease.
Any prepaid rent and security/damage deposit will be forfeited if Lessees are found to be in violation of this clause. Lessee must immediately pay an additional deposit equal to or greater than the original deposit.
Furthermore, a $200 penalty will be imposed on each tenant, whether present or not for the violation.
“NOISE” – Violation pursuant to City Codes and Ordinances 1050:10 “Landlord’s Liability” it is hereby agreed that a material breech of this contract will have occurred if you or any of your guests are named on a noise violation. Furthermore if lessor or his assigns can hear noise 50 feet from property it will be considered a violation of City Codes and Ordinances 1050:10.

This material breech of contract is grounds for immediate termination of this lease.
Any prepaid rent and security/damage deposit will be forfeited. Lessee must immediately pay an additional deposit equal to or greater than the original deposit.
Furthermore, a $1000 penalty will be imposed on Lessee’s of house or apartment.
“KEG” – Violation Discovery of a keg (whether empty, or full) in the dwelling unit, or on the premises, will result in a $300

penalty for one keg and $500 for each additional keg.

This material breech of contract is grounds for immediate termination of this lease.
Any prepaid rent and security/damage deposit will be forfeited. Lessee must immediately pay an additional deposit equal to or greater than the original deposit.
“SMOKING” – Smoking is prohibited in all common area’s and inside apartments/houses. Furthermore, a $100 penalty will be imposed on tenant per violation.

**Dismissal of any Citations/Charges by the court system (i.e. “Plea Bargaining” etc.) will not be accepted as a valid “defense” for non-payment of penalty(s) to management.

Move In- Lessee is responsible for One Hour of move-in cleaning. Lessee accepts premise as being in good order and repair unless otherwise indicated. Lessee shall, at her/his own expense, maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary manner including all equipment, appliances, furniture, and furnishings therein and shall surrender the same at expiration in as good as condition as received Lessee shall be responsible for all repairs required, caused by their negligence or that of their guests. Lessee agrees to pay for all broken glass and screen repair on the premises, regardless of the cause. Lessee shall not paint or otherwise redecorate, or make alterations without the prior written consent of lessor. Lessee shall have 3 days after moving in to report any prior damages or conditions requiring maintenance or repairs. Thereafter, any damage including clogged drain’s, shall be the responsibility of lessee. Light bulbs and batteries for smoke detectors will be provided at the time of move-in. Thereafter the lessee will be required to replace burned out bulbs and batteries, and upon move-out, all light bulbs and battery operated smoke detectors must be working.
Move Out- Lease expires at 12:01 PM on date indicated on page 1. All debris, rubbish, and discards are to be placed in the proper containers, ready for collection by the rubbish service. Lessor will charge for removal of any personal belongings left in the apartment/house. $25 will be deducted from lessee’s security deposit for move out rubbish removal.
Cleaning – When vacating apartment/house, clean entire apartment/house/room including: windows, floors, exhaust fan, bathroom, closets, shelves, kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator, woodwork, light fixtures and basements (where applicable). Lessee will be charged $35.00 an hour if any additional cleaning is needed upon vacating the property. Lessee will be charged $30/room, $25 for stairs & hallways for carpet cleaning.

Painting – Lessee will be charged $20.00 per wall if painting is required (painting is required if walls are soiled/damaged beyond the ability to clean).

Keys- All keys must be returned before any security/damage deposits refunded. Lost keys will have a $10.00 replacement fee. If lock must be replaced a $90.00 charge will result. No extra keys, other than lessee’s key, shall be made to accommodate people not on this contract.
Transfer by Lessee- Lessee is not to sub-lease or assign her /his interest without the prior written consent of the landlord, or his assigns. If tenant vacates without locating a sub-lessee, respective security deposit is automatically forfeited. Tenant is still responsible for rent in the event sub-lessee defaults. Management retains sole discretion of approval of sub lease applicant. Management is not responsible for finding a sub-lessee.
Eviction- If Resident materially violated any of the terms of this lease, he/she may be evicted immediately and without prior notice. In the event that Resident does not vacate voluntarily upon eviction. Management may commerce a legal evicting action. If Management excuses a specific violation of a particular section of this lease by Resident and thereby waives its right to eviction, such waiver is not deemed to be a waiver regarding any subsequent similar violation, or violation of any other section of this lease. Under state law, a lawful seizure from any Apartment of any illegal object or substance, including drugs, totaling at least $1,000 constitutes unlawful possession of the Apartment by the Resident. Management is required by state law to start or authorize an eviction action against Resident within 15 days of notice of the seizure.
Duty to Pay After Eviction- If Resident is evicted by Management, whether or not management obtains a court order to enforce this eviction notice, due to resident’s breech of this lease. Resident agrees to continue paying the full amount of the rent for the full remaining term of this Lease Agreement, or until the Apartment is re-rented. If Apartment is re-rented for less rent, Resident will be responsible for the difference until the end of the lease.
Attorney’s Fees and Enforcement Costs: if Lessor brings any legal action against Lessee, Lessee must pay Lessor’s actual attorney’s fees, or other legal fees and expenses including fees paid to a collection agency, expenses, and court costs even if the rent is paid after legal action is started.
Disturbances- The lessee shall not make any disturbing noises in the building, nor permit the making of any such noises, by their friends, relatives, invitees, or agents. Nor shall lessee do, or permit to be done, anything by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or conveniences of other occupants in the building. Lessee shall not operate, nor permit to be operated, any musical instrument, radio, television, stereo, or other like device in such a manner that it is audible other than the room in which it is located. A $125.00 penalty will be imposed on each tenant responsible for lease violations.
No Pets- Pets of any kind shall not be allowed on the premises, even temporarily. The presence of a pet will subject lessee to a $200 one time penalty and a service charge of $20 per day that the pet remains with resident. Payment of penalty and service charge shall be made immediately upon request of landlord or assigns.
Automobiles/Parking- Auto repairs, including oil changes, are not permitted in the parking areas, nor will the washing of cars be permitted at any time. Lessor reserves the right to adopt emergency regulations for the purpose of snow removal or other maintenance functions. Lessee shall not drive any motor vehicles on the grass or where grass is intended. Lessee shall drive and park only in designated parking areas. There will be a parking charge of $ per month per vehicle. Vehicles without parking permission will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. A parking sticker may be issued by lessor to distinguish legal/illegal parking.
Right to Enter- Allow lessor, or assigns to inspect the premises at any reasonable time for cleanliness and maintenance checks. Also, allow lessor to show prospective tenants the apartment/house 365 days prior to expiration of the lease. Lessee agrees the premises shall be maintained in a tidy and clean condition suitable for showing to perspective tenants. If Landlord determines the premises are not in a condition suitable for showing, lessor will notify lessee and if condition of premises is not made suitable for showing within 3 days, landlord may clean/repair the premises and lessee will be responsible for the costs of cleaning/repairs.
Heating Regulations- If lessor pays for heat, heat shall be maintained at 70 degrees on the thermostat. If the apartment is too warm, turn down the radiator or close the vent. If problems persists contact lessor and adjustments shall be made. Please keep all windows, storm windows, and doors closed tightly during the heating seasons. It is to your benefit to practice energy conservation.
Snow Removal – Lessee (will/will not) be responsible for keeping front and back porches, steps, and sidewalks parallel to the street clear of ice and snow… Shoveling must be completed within 24 hours of termination of snow fall.
Lawn Care – Lessee (will/will not) consists of cutting grass in yard to maintain a maximum height of 3.5 inches, trimming along landscaping. If Lessee fails to perform these tasks the Lessor will perform them for a fee.

Repairs and Maintenance- Please notify lessor, or his or her assigns, of needed repairs. These repairs will be completed within a reasonable amount of time. In emergency cases, please call immediately. Problems can only be fixed if brought to management’s attention.
Damage or Injury to Resident or His Property- Management is not responsible for any damage or injury that is done to resident of his property or to resident’s guest or their property that was not caused by a willful negligent act of management. Management recommends resident to obtain RENTERS INSURANCE to protect themselves against injuries or damages.
Repossession- If premises show obvious signs of a deteriorating nature, lessor shall have the right to demand immediate repossession of premises. Deteriorating nature shall be determined by lessor and qualified third party.
Abandonment- Abandonment shall have occurred if:
Without notifying lessor, lessee is absent from premises 10 days while rent is due and lessee’s personal belongings remain on the premises.
Without notifying lessor, lessee is absent 3 days while rent is due and lessee’s personal belongings have been removed from the house/apartment/room.
Guests- The (house/apartment/room) shall be used as a residence, with no more then_____ persons occupying the house/apartment and no more than________ persons occupying room #______. Occupancy by guest staying over 5 days will be in violation of this lease and a $20 charge per day over shall be paid immediately at the request of the landlord or assigns.
Fire Alarms- Tampering with any fire alarm, or fire prevention devices will result in a $150 service charge per occurrence. This includes the removal of BATTERIES from smoke detectors, disconnection of electrical fire alarms, and intentional (no fire) discharge of fire extinguishers. A $150 fine will result if an extinguisher is activated intentionally (no fire).
Fireplaces- Fireplaces in the house/apartment are not to be used. A penalty of $200 will result for violation. Insurance company does not tolerate usage of fireplaces in this building. If fireplace is used tenant will be responsible for all damages.
Outdoor recreation equipment: Swimming pools, trampolines, beer pong tables, fire pits and other outdoor recreation equipment must be cleared by management and have a written agreement issued for item(s). Any unauthorized equipment will result in an $100 fine that must be paid immediately.
Possession- Lessee shall not be liable for rent until she/he gets possession of premises. If lessor is unable to deliver possession of the premises as agreed, lessor shall not be liable for any damages caused.
Waiver- Failure of lessor, or his assigns, to enforce any part of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of entire lease. Nor shall any partial payment of rent be deemed a waiver of lessor’s right to collect the full amount.
No signs, bottles, flags, posters etc. are allowed to be displayed in windows or outside property. No real trees may be used in apartments or houses. No satellite dishes are allowed and tenant will be responsible for any damage if dish is installed. If electric is included in rent a $25/mo fee will be imposed for use of window air conditioners. Per A/C unit. No space heaters are allowed.
ADDITIONAL Agreements of this lease : _______________________________________________________________________


34. Handbook- Minn.Statute 504B.181m subd.2(b) (2004) requires landlords to notify residents that “Landlord and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities” handbook is available to them.


That if said house/apartment/room is totally destroyed or rendered wholly untenantable by fire or other casualty, without fault or negligence of lessor, or his assigns, this tenancy shall terminate as of the date of destruction and a proportion of the prepaid rent shall be refunded to lessees.
In such event, any advance rental payments and security/damage deposit may be retained by the lessor to be applied toward damages for lessees default, although liability is in no way limited by rent or deposit.